What is the 'impact player' rule introduced by BCCI in the T20 World Cup?

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    What is the 'impact player' rule introduced by BCCI in the T20 World Cup?

    What is the 'impact player' rule introduced by BCCI in the T20 World Cup?

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    This is not introduced in the wc how can bcci introduce in an intnl. tournament? It is for a domestic tourney (SMAT) only, and a pilot.

    The impact player will be a substitute player and will come after the 14th over of an innings. The substituted player will be out permanently thereafter. 4 subs to be announced before a Match, and only one gets to be selected. He can come in only after the fall of a wicket, and only after an over is completed, and in the middle of an ongoing over. In truncated t20s, a min of 10 overs has to be bowled, and in a truncated match, if one team has not used it, the other team also cannot use it.

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    IDK how useful it will be. This is an artificial tampering. I am not for it. I wish it fails but u never know. The world and it's ways are weird.

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